So. Lake Tahoe Wireless Ordinance

Local Laws to Preserve
the Quiet Enjoyment of Streets

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Vertical Horizontal Power

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Quiet Enjoyment of Streets?

  • Vertical Offset?
  • Horizontal Offset?
  • Power: Maximum ERP?

This is a Macro Tower!

  • V = 50+ feet from ground
  • H = 25 feet from homes
  • P = 5,000+ Wattts ERP
  • Cell radius = 12,500+ feet
  • Lacks UL Rating — for antenna & cable to operate above potentially lethal, fire-prone electrical suppply lines (12,000+ Volts); Can you say arc flash?
  • Serious OSHA violations right now!

Acronyms to the rescue.

  • QES = Quiet Enjoyment of Streets
  • RF-EMR = RF Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation
  • ERP = Effective Radiated Power (even better!)
  • WTF = Wireless Telecom Facilities of Any G
  • sWTF = so-called "Small" WTF of Any G
  • V • H • P = A City must regulate all three variables:
    Vertical offset, Horizontal offset and maximum Effective Radiated Power . . . otherwise the City has achieved nothing! (no one can bend physics or lie to one's biology).

We live in a special place . . .

. . . it is our collective duty to protect it.

How? By threading the needle . . .

  1. Link to Legislative intent of 1996-TCA
  2. Link to 1996-TCA Conference Report
  3. Link to 2005 US Supreme Court Ruling:
    Abrams v. City of Palos Verdes —> Cooperative Federalism
  4. Link to 2019 CA Supreme Court Ruling:
    T-Mobile v. City of San Francisco —> Local Police Powers over QES
  5. Link to 2020 Ninth Circuit Argument:
    Portland et al. v. FCC —> FCC Orders 18-111 & 18-133 will be vacated

Lessons: who can you trust?

  • Link to lessons from Sacramento, CA
    sWTF 50 feet from bedroom —> 460,000 µW/m² and girls sickened immediately
  • Link to lessons from Thousand Oaks, CA
    Telecom Law Firm, LLP —> Ill-informed indoctrination by attorneys Kramer & May
  • Link to lessons from Seaside, CA
    How to do it —> Mayor denies all three WTFs on appeal and NO LAW SUIT!
  • Link to lessons from San Francisco, CA
    Learn from these WTF appeals —> When corruption is uncovered, NO LAW SUIT!

There is "another side of the coin" . . .

  • Instead of "Our hands are tied"
    Actually . . . Cities can regulate the operations of WTFs, including maximum
    Effective Radiated Power output and hours of operations
  • Instead of "FCC Orders are laws"
    Actually . . . Any FCC regulations that are not consistent with the underlying statute,
    the 1996-TCA, are ultra-vires — literally, outside the law
  • Instead of a lazy "the Courts have said . . ."
    Actually . . . Cities must rely ONLY on 9th Circuit Rulings, DC Circuit Rulings, and
    US Supreme Court Rulings
    — NO OTHERS APPLY! (read Davis City Attorney email)
  • Instead of "Presumptive Effective Prohibition"
    Actually . . . Cities must PREPARE NOW for a fork in the road: it's now very likely that
    FCC Orders 18-111 and 18-133 will get vacated by the Ninth Circuit judges in July, 2020.

Speaking of COIN . . .

How Cities can Earn Big $

. . . by adding two additional boxes per sWTF pole . . .

  1. A City-owned FUSE BOX to dial in the right — V • H • P — for each sWTF
  2. A City-owned FIBER-OPTIC SHARING BOX to allow residents to access all that
    fiber-optic goodness — by wire — directly to their homes, as explained here.

. . . now the City can earn policing fees by saying . . .

There’s a New Sheriff in Town —

. . . a series of Friendly $5 Fuses for the
Three-Strikes-and-You're-Out Program

  1. 1st strike: if WTF blows a fuse, the Co. pays $25,000 fine; City replaces the fuse;
  2. 2nd strike: if WTF blows a 2nd fuse, the Co. pays $50,000 fine; City replaces the fuse;
  3. 3rd strike: if WTF blows a 3rd fuse, the Co. pays $100,000 fine; City revokes the permit.

Let's make some money from these
Multi-Billion-Dollar Wireless Companies!

How about that?

Instead of getting bullied by the Wireless Cos.,
there is actual money to be made from
the "other side of the coin."

All it takes is some creativity . . . hmmm . . .
what else do you want for your City?

Is it worth doing some more homework now?

Hint: there are plenty of more good ideas in the Jan 16, 2020 Wireless Ordinance —
the version that was ignored by City staff and hidden from you.


What's Really Going On
Out There?

Scientists For Wired Technology:

"Here's What You Need to Know About the next generation of wireless technology — 4G + 5G — which is being sold as dramatically different from previous versions. In reality, however, this next generation may not be that different from what we already have with 4G/LTE right now in all respects — speed, latency and even infrastructure needs.

The main difference between current 4G/LTE and so-called new 4G + 5G is a proposed massive increase in Effective Radiated Power — increasing the power output that reaches bedrooms from a current level of around 0.5 ERP units to levels that are 50,000–500,000 ERP units or more.

Scientists For Wired Technology:

This unnecessary increase in ambient Electromagnetic Power sprayed through the air can easily ruin the quiet enjoyment of streets in entire neighborhoods. Is this inevitable?

NO — not if your localities take action to reign in the FCC/Wireless industry and protect the Quiet Enjoyment of Streets (QES) by passing rational, protective local laws.

No Significant Gap in Verizon Wireless
Telecommunications Coverage

Don't ignore this slide deck because it is substantial written evidence
that was placed in the So. Lake Tahoe public record on Jan 14, 2020.

Lies, Lies and More Lies

"Small" Cell?
Nope. Macro Tower!
Cell Radius
Claim (ft.)
Cell Radius
Actual (ft.)
Verizon sWTF A 1,000 12,500+
Verizon sWTF B 1,000 12,500+
Verizon sWTF C 1,000 12,500+
9/12/19: entered into City of Sonoma public record

Lee Afflerbach from CTC states at 3:10:24 in the video

“many people are [wirelessly] streaming video and other services like that . . . each [small] cell is capable of almost putting out the same energy as one macro cell.”

Lee Afflerbach states at 3:13:22 in the video

". . . my staff has probably reviewed several hundred of these small cells in the last year . . . and they are all 4G . . . The radios that they are using are the exact same radios that are up on the macro towers. It’s not a different technology . . . the same boxes as on macro towers. I see them all the time.”

Disastrous Fire Dangers Created
by CAL/OSHA Rules Violations

§ 2946. Provisions for Preventing Accidents Due to Proximity to Overhead Lines.

(b)(1) Over Lines. The operation . . . of machinery, apparatus, supplies, or materials, or any part thereof, over energized overhead high-voltage lines shall be prohibited.

Disastrous Fire Dangers Created
by CAL/OSHA Rules Violations

§ 2946. Provisions for Preventing Accidents Due to Proximity to Overhead Lines.

Disastrous Fire Dangers Created
by CAL/OSHA Rules Violations

§ 2946. Provisions for Preventing Accidents Due to Proximity to Overhead Lines.

Disastrous Fire Dangers Created
by CAL/OSHA Rules Violations

§ 2946. Provisions for Preventing Accidents Due to Proximity to Overhead Lines.

The FCC's Tricks . . .

. . . start with the Units of Electricity

The FCC's Tricks . . .

. . . continue with Specific Absorption Rate

  • Unlike every other poison ever studied, the FCC based its guideline NOT on the total dose, but the rate of poison delivery
  • Similar to . . . Q: "How far did you drive?"
  • Evasive answer . . . A: "We drove 30 miles per hour."
  • This is utter NONSENSE

The FCC's Tricks . . .

  • Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is based on Watts
  • Specific Absorption (SA) is based on Joules

So . . . why did the FCC choose SAR over SA?

To hide the truth of the matter and just pick a guideline . . .
uh . . . in order to meet a Wireless spectrum auction deadline. Really?

Yup. The Captured FCC pulled a science trick for a business goal . . .
just plain, old Old Boy Network short-sighted greed.

It's now 34 years later . . . and we are finally correcting this obvious & deadly trick.

Total Power = Rate × Time

  • You don't pay for just Watts (a rate of power)
  • You pay for kiloWatt-hours (rate × the time you use it)

Total Power Poison = Rate × Time

Scrub forward to 1:50 in the video

Modulation: pulsed data, packed onto carrier waves

  • Power Density = µW/m² or microWatts per square meter

    • RF-EMR Scale = 1 µW/m² = 10−6 = 0.000001 Watts

    • Human Cell Scale = 50 milli-electron-Volts = 8 × 10−21 = 0.000000000000000000008 Watt-Seconds (i.e. Joules)

    • FCC Guideline Scale = 10,000,000 µW/m² = 101 = 10 Watts

  • The FCC Guideline is 22 orders of magnitude more intense than Human Cell response

  • 22 orders of magnitude means 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000x more!

  • The FCC and the Wireless Industry consider only instantaneous heating power and NOT the Total RF-EMR exposure over time. This, of course, is utter nonsense.

In 1996, the NCRP relied on a ten-year old review, based on science through 1982!

Comparison of Power Density and SAR Thresholds for Behavioral Disruption

This, unbelievably, is the basis for our National RF-EMR Exposure Guidelines

Species &
225 MHz
1,300 MHz
2,450 MHz
5,800 MHz
NR – PFD n/a 100,000,000 µW/m² 280,000,000 µW/m² 200,000,000 µW/m²
NR – SAR n/a 2.5 W/kg 5.0 W/kg 4.9 W/kg
SM – PFD n/a n/a 450,000,000 µW/m² 400,000,000 µW/m²
SM – SAR n/a n/a 4.5 W/kg 7.2 W/kg
RM – PFD 80,000,000 µW/m² 570,000,000 µW/m² 670,000,000 µW/m² 1,400,000,000 µW/m²
RM SAR 3.2 W/kg 4.5 W/kg 4.7 W/kg 8.4 W/kg

Legend: CW = Continuous Wave | PFD = Power Flux Density | SAR = Specific Absorption Rate
NR = Norwegian Rat | SM = Squirrel Monkey | RM = Rhesus Monkey

What was the "Behavioral Disruption?"

  • Rats and Monkeys were irradiated with RF-EMR exposures at higher and higher doses, until . . .

  • The lab animals became unresponsive: they could no longer seek and eat their food

  • After the animals were this significantly maimed, the scientists then . . .

  • Stuck a thermometer up their butts and measured the animals' core body temperature.

The truth: Lots of disruption to biology happens on the way to heating: cell membranes leak, proteins vibrate/distort and more — leading to all kinds of protein-making and DNA/RNA transcription errors.