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Meet the Eisenstecken Family: George, Jake, Monica, Logan and Tomasz!

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To our neighbors in South Lake Tahoe:

By Mon Jan 13, will you please consider contacting these honorable City Council Members and City Staff by email or telephone — to tell them why full-power Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) of any size do not belong in residential zones? Thank you.

By Protecting the Eisenstecken's Neighborhood and the homes of our Neighbors — the Lebishs, the Benedicts, the Reinhardts, the Ressios, the Lebovitzs, the Grooms and Others — We Can Band Together to Protect All SLT Residential Neighorhoods from This Unnecessary 4G/5G WTF Cell Tower Expansion!

  • WTF antennas must not be installed in residential zones without strict Effective Radiated Power (Wats ERP) limits, in order to preserve the quiet enjoyment of streets — enough ERP for Telecommunications Service — and no higher.
  • Alternatively, WTFs must be installed no closer than 1,500 feet from homes, schools, parks and care facilities
  • Three key WTF variables must be locally regulated: vertical offset, horizontal offset and maximum EPR output
  • Any Fiber Optic cables installed in the public rights-of-way must be shared to enable fiber to the home (FTTH)
  • Big Data (video, gaming and Internet) enabled via wired means
  • Small data (voice and texts) enabled via wireless means
  • As of Dec 5, 2019, the FCC rules changed: Every individual WTF application must undergo National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviewAND we have confirmed that there is no NEPA analysis in the public record for this 112-foot Verizon WTF!

Please Help Save The Eisenstecken's Neighborhood

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George Eisenstecken, in his own words:

"I’m 80 years old now I plan to pass my home on the next generation. I wholeheartedly do not want this ugly 112-foot Macro Cell Tower to be built in our residential neighborhood. It is completely unnecessary and just plain wrong to put major league industrial equipment like this in residential neighborhoods xhen there are many hillsides far from homes that are less intrusive places for cell towers — at least 1,500 feet from homes. This proposed Verizon cell tower at 1360 Ski Run Drive and Needlepeak will destroy the pure and natural beauty of our home. We cannot allow this taking of of property, residential character and aesthetic values from our lovely neighborhood."

Will you please help us keep this 112-foot Verizon Macro Cell Tower out of our residential neighborhood?

Will you please support our Appeal at the Jan 14, 2020 SLT City Council Meeting at 1901 Lisa Maloff Way, Suite 206, South Lake Tahoe? The meeting starts at 9:00 am and we estimate that our Appeal, which is Item 15 on the agenda, will be heard at around 10:00 am.

Densified 4G and 5G Expansion: Lessons From Hawaii Being Forced to Drink Beakers of 4G/5G Poison

No One — and We Mean NO ONE — Should Allow a WTF Next to Their Home.

Findings That SLT and TRP Can Use to Deny the Macro Cell Tower WTF Application :

These findings can be used by both City of South Lake Tahoe (SLT) and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) to vote NO for Macro Cell Tower at for 1360 Ski Run Blvd — based the evidence in the WTF file and in the Public Record.

  • A 112-foot cell tower in a residential zone next to homes will ruin the quiet enjoyment of streets.

  • There is substantial written evidence in the SLT Public Record of the following:

    • Expert analysis establish property values losses of 20% or more are common for home within 500 feet of WTFs.
    • This WTF is a source of controversy on environmental grounds in the local community.
    • Despite TRPA's and SLT's requests, Verizon HAS NOT submitted evidence of sufficient NEPA analysis, per FCC regulations
    • TRPA record confirms that the percent of 1360 Ski Run Blvd. lot coverage the Final WTF plans in the file — both pre-construction and post-contstruction — violate TRPA land-use code
    • There is no significant gap in Verizon voice coverage in the areas allegedly served by this WTF
    • There is a lack of evidence and reasoned decision-making for Verizon's alternate site analysis, proving that current selected location at 1360 Ski Run Blvd. is NOT the least instrusive means to close an alleged significant gap in Verizon voice coverage

  • This page is one of three legs of the stool that establishes local control over the operations of Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs); the other two are the US House/Senate Conference Report for the 1996 Telecommunications Act (“1996-Act”) and the stated purpose of the 1996-Act: to promote the safety of life and property.

  • Each SLT City Council Member took an oath to protect residents' inalienable rights to privacy and safety.

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