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Please click this button to Complete the Form that will enter your comments and/or questions into the City of Santa Rosa public record about the installation of Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas/Cell Towers in residential zones.

Please Attend the July 24, 2018 Santa Rosa City Council Meeting

  • When: July 24, 2018 at 4:00 pm; public comment starts some time after 5:00 pm
  • Where: 100 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa, CA
  • What: Show up to support the speakers opposing 4G/5G Close Proximity Microwave Radiation Antennas still being installed in Santa Rosa's residential zones.
  • Already,18 CPMRA-WTFs have been finaled and powered on and it is a disaster: see the metered readings of peak 4G pulsed, data-modulated, Radio-frequency Electromagnetic Microwave Radiation (RF-EMR) at this web page.
  • There has been significant deception regarding the continuing installation of these CPMRAs. It is just business as usual. This is not what he City Council told us on 3/6/18. We need to GO BACK and demand a public process and design review BEFORE construction gets completed on this first set of CPMRAs.
  • Email the Santa Rosa City Manager and City Council Members (see contact information, below).
  • For more: additional details collect at the Scientists For Wired Technology Santa Rosa page

We attended the Mar 7 Community meeting for the Verizon six-antenna "Major Wireless Facility" Macro Cell Tower proposed to be installed in a Residential Zone — a church steeple at Community Baptist Church at 1620 Sonoma Avenue, near Hoen Ave. (read more here).

Attorney Patrick Shannon, founder of Hillsborough Families Against Cell Towers addressing his City Council regarding 16 proposed cell towers by Verizon/Crown Castle: "Do the right thing, protect your residents and avoid our City from becoming the place where democracy goes to die and cell towers metastasize."

Where Things Stand In Santa Rosa

Verizon wants 72 more cell phone towers in Santa Rosa and Mobilitie (Sprint) wants another 26; most of these in residential neighborhoods — just 15 to 50 feet from homes. These cell towers transmit pulsed, data-modulated, RadioFrequency Microwave radiation 5-6 miles or farther. The City has already issued permits for about 1/3 of these major Wireless facilities with NO public design review, NO public hearings and NO effective notification. On 2/14/17, Verizon presented no substantial evidence to establish a significant gap in coverage. On 1/30/18, Santa Rosa residents entered substantial evidence into the public record proving NO SIGNIFICANT GAP in coverage where Verizon wants to install these cell towers, videos of which you can see here. Cities cannot have their local authority pre-empted if the Wireless carriers do not prove that there is a significant gap in coverage.

How to Contact Your City Council Members and City Manager

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